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Former Police officer embarks on new career walking dogs in the streets of High Wycombe

Pet sitting in High Wycombe is run and owned by Derek Telford from East Wycombe who is fully insured to look after your cats, dogs and other small animals.

Derek offers pet sitting services including: cat and dog sitting services, dog walking and let outs as well as small animal care at clients’ homes.

Derek and Cat MindyA cancer survivor has decided to leave his job in the police force and set up his own pet sitting business after getting the all clear.

Derek Telford, of East Wycombe, is quitting his job in the Metropolitan Police and heading in a new direction two months after doctors said he was clear of skin cancer.

The 35-year-old, who has been treated for a genetic form of the disease three times, says that being with animals makes his day.

“After having cancer I’ve got more of a perspective on life. I do stuff that I enjoy, seeing my friends and family and now I want a job that makes me happy and doesn’t involve a long commute every day,” he said. “Animals, whether they are cats, dogs or guinea pigs, always make me smile – it makes my day.

The animal lover says his home is like a zoo with three rescue cats and four guinea pigs, who live in a “two-tiered palace”. And he can often be found rescuing captured newts and birds from the clutches of his pets.

My cat Mindy is cheeky,” Derek explains. “She’s always smuggling food off the counter top, she’s even pushed an iron onto my head. She often brings in newts and she brought in a dove once, I thought she’d just nicked its wing but it couldn’t fly away, so I brought it inside and gave it food and water before I found an animal rescue centre 30 miles away and I drove it there. Once an animal looks at me I have to help them,” Derek admits.

Derek will be caring for animals, including dog walking and puppy sitting, for pet owners in High Wycombe who are going on holiday, work long hours or just need an extra helping hand with their pets.

“I’ve used a cattery when I’ve gone on holiday previously and some animals don’t like the change, they end up stressed and don’t eat. I’ll be looking after pets in their own homes where they are most comfortable,” Derek said.

For the last three years Derek has been volunteering for a local dog rescue centre, he has a certificate in pet home sitting and dog walking and is animal first aid trained. He has a complete DBS check and is fully insured to care for pets in their own home.

“I’m really excited about meeting the animals and also working for myself,” Derek added.